Tuesday, March 20, 2018

They can`t order me to stop dreaming

At Illuminate
CONVAIR White House No1 -185 Li

MadPea MyHelsinki Pier - Stairs
Vintage Umbrella CHEZ MOI

Monday, March 19, 2018

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Color Home Patio Set CHEZ MOI at Tres Chic
♥ Wicker Chair: 1 LI each
♥ Wicker Chair with Pillow: 2 LI each
(26 single adult poses + 6 toddler animation)
♥ Table: 2 LI
♥ Placemat: 3 LI each | 6 dishes option
♥ Tray: 4 LI | 2 napkin colors
♥ Teapot: 2 LI

Garden Shelf  * CHEZ MOI at SHINY SHABBY 
♥ Shelf: 1 LI
♥ Potted Oregano: 2 LI each
♥ Potted Mint: 2 LI each
♥ Potted Basil: 3 LI each
♥ Lemon Tree: 4 LI each
 At Illuminate
Raindale - Littlevale flower lantern (blue)
Raindale - Littlevale flower pots
Raindale - Littlevale flower lamp (pink,big)
Raindale - Littlevale tabouret with flower
Raindale - Littlevale flower lamp (blue,small)
(luc) Elegant Crane V2, Gold (luc) Dandelion Thistle Sculpture, Gold (Low LoD, Less LI)

LB_PoplarTree.v1{Animated}*4Seasons_2Li at  FaMeSHeD Event

Saturday, March 17, 2018

By the time we learn to live ,it is already late

💎Moon. Hair // - Brunettes - Distance at K9
💎Kaithleen's Corky Dress -at Tres Chic
💎C L A Vv. My Edgy Look - Choker B

Club Tenebris

At Red Light District 
Club Tenebris
Tenebris Cage
Tenebris Cage Lamp
Tenebris Club Neon Sign
Tenebris Couch
Tenebris Dancing Pole (BONUS ITEM)
Tenebris Play Wall - Black
Tenebris Play Wall - Pink
Tenebris Play Wall - Purple
Tenebris Play Wall - Red
Tenebris Play Wall - White
Tenebris Wall Lamp
Tenebris Wall Ring (BONUS ITEM)

[Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party Table
-David Heather-Kings Armchair

Friday, March 16, 2018

San Marino

At Illuminate
San Marino Couch
San Marino Chair
San Marino Console
San Marino Coffee Table
San Marino Rug
San Marino Flowers
San Marino Planter
San Marino Picture
San Marino Side Table
San Marino Table Lamp
San Marino Vases

:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {2} at K9
llorisen // hedwig apartment skybox
[FOURTH WALL] Geometric Frame
Sway's [Koba] Lamp A . orange
LISP - Art Nouveau Texture Change Floor Lamp - Lemon
Ariskea [Le Secret] Sping Flower Pot Orange
{what next} 'Emma' Tulips Bouquet (orange)
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