Monday, November 30, 2015

MadPea's Return of the Light

Return of the Light is a magical Winter Solstice set that celebrates the deepest dark and the soon to be returning light… What happens in the ritual is an impressive sight that has been depicted in numerous paintings over the centuries

The set comprises 2 RARE items and a range of Common scripted and prop only items. When the rares and scripted items (marked *) are collected and rezzed a spiritual, uplifting and out of this world experience will unfold before your eyes:

The Taika Circle - RARE - A Stonehenge like circle where the magic happens
The Taika Altar - RARE - Stone altar that holds the Book of Taika
Mirror of Darkness*
Sadwrn’s Shadowsteel*
Silverlight of Wranws*
Mercher Spellblade*
Daear Diamond Sword*
Longsword of Iau*
Neifion Lightbringer*
Mawrth Mageblade*
Burning Sabre of Gwener*
Taika Wand of Light
Taika Wand of Darkness
Volcanic Ashes
Drops of Morning Rain
Bowl of Moon Dust
Sap of Bloodwood
Sun Disc
Moon Disc
Sun Statue
Moon Statue
                                                  @ The Arcade December 01 
                                                     Demo area set up

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