Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The interview

The Interview from MadPea starts on the 1st April.
The race for the job that everyone wants is underway…
Take part in the ultimate assessment day…
Find clues, solve mysterious puzzles…
The Interview is an immersive and interactive game from MadPea which leads the players through a number of trials and challenges to get to the final goal.

Di'Cor Spatial Lamps @ Cosmopolitan
BALACLAVA!! Slide Projector Set
for MadPea Interview / Gold Prize
Screen (6 texture to change ) 2Li
Projector 2Li
Cart 2 Li
BALACLAVA!! Interview Desk Set(silver prize)
Desk 2 Li
Lamp 1Li
Ckair 12 single animations 2 Li
Soy. Insect Specimen [Poisonous butterfly] 5Li The interview(silver prize)
Clock -MadPea BingeWatchers Clock 2Li @The Arcade
You can find  more informations about  the MadPea Interview here 

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