Saturday, March 19, 2016

The small things that make us happy

Building used-*Funky*Junk* Recycled Garden Cottage FLF item
Goose -Pallet porch set@Cosmopolitan
Single seat 4Li – 16 single animations ( sequence option male/female)
Duo seat – 32 single animations – 16 sync couple animations (sequence option male/female with extra friends sequence option – couple cuddle sequence option)
Lamp with on/off option
complete set is MOD/COPY except scripts and animations included
Fiasco - Floral Mobile White 2Li for Colour Me Cute
brocante. bauble lamp / silver 1Li FLF item
PILOT - Lemonade Tray [mint] 1Li FLF
PILOT - Mounted Bar [Weathered] 3Li FLF
[sf] tin planter - hanging 3Li,[sf] tin planter - grass 4Li Group Gift

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