Thursday, October 5, 2017

Very magical

Keys Bungalow by Galland Homes at the For Max Event
(This is a small, one-room beach bungalow.  It requires 44 LI and will fit on as little as 1024 sq.m.)

Dreamscapes Decor-*Mira* Cart E
                               -*Halloween* Flag Poles C
                               -*Cleo* Pumpkin Trio B
                               -*Cleo* Pumpkin Trio A
                               -*Spooky Kitty* A1
                               -*Spooky Scarecrow* Orange

{YD} Sweet Pumpkin Lantern - Funny B
{YD} Sweet Pumpkin Lantern - Funny A at TCF
ionic : 19th Century  Park Bench At TCF
GOOSE - Garden picket fence - white post
JIAN Lit Brick Paths
JIAN Pumpkin :: Large 3
JIAN Cat Pumpkin :: Sitting

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